Sunday, November 6, 2016

Principals Blog: Fall 2016 at LHS-CTEi

Dear LHS/CTEi Learning Community,
      It seems hard to believe that there have only been 45 days of school when reflecting on the year thus far.  Our students, teachers and parents have really been busy making school life simply incredible.  Here are some highlights:

This is a sky shot of the LHS Band practicing for the upcoming season.

The LHS Cafe Courtyard is a wonderful community effort including the Class of 2016, the custodial staff, The Gardner's Spot and the students.

Students in the social studies department moderated a debate between our candidates for state rep!

Laura Jenny--National Merit Scholar!

Ms. Tyburski takes her students to the Wall that Heals--eventually all of the 10th graders got to sees this memorial.

Over a dozen of our great teachers earned professional status a recent school committee meeting.

CTEi students were at it again!

Practice does not make perfect....perfect practice makes perfect!  Mr. Hudson leads the band.

The football team won an incredible game in OT! 

Boys Soccer getting ready to play!

Mr. Pierce walks out on stage at this year's Fall Chorus Concert.

Seniors 2016!  We've got great kids!

Thank you Mrs. Bilotta and the guidance staff for making our College Fair 2016 so successful!

Costume Day in Life Skills class!

Is that Anthony?

A great day for golfing with Mr. Robichaud and his players

Homecoming Court 2016!

LHS has talented artists.....

and more....

and more.....

and more.....

Thank you to Ms. Murphy and her students for setting up this year's Mock Election!

The Jazz Band went to Monty Tech to see if any of their students would like to join us in the upcoming holiday concerts.

Thanks to Ms. Hasson and the science department, Mole Day (6.02 a.m.) was well attended!

This table sold almost instantly!

The School Store opened with some quick sales from the Life Skills classes

Soccer girls!

More of our students at the Wall that Heals exhibit in Carter Park.

The LHS band plays their tribute to veterans theme at home under the lights.

The FANS!!!!!!

The Globe came to LHS.  Here's the view from outside and inside!

           These are just some of the many things going on at our school every day.  If you have a special event involving our teachers, students and parents and school, let me know and we'll get the word out!  To see even more cool things on the internet involving our community, check our the website for our music department:

LHS Music Department Web Site

Have a great holiday season!
Chris Lord

Sunday, August 28, 2016

LHS/CTEi Principal's Welcome Back Blog 2016

Welcome Back LHS/CTEi!

     It's been a busy summer and we are all looking forward to a smooth start to the school year.  We have had several successful events already including our Fall Sports Meeting:

and Freshmen Orientation 2016:

Monday our faculty and staff returns for two days of professional development and preparations for students.  On Monday evening, the entire learning community is invited to a public forum with the School Improvement Council to share their views on the school's plan for the coming year.  We will be reviewing our school's growth and student performance data from last year that has led to programs established in the current year.  As you can see from last year, over half of our students in English and Math show little or no growth on the MCAS once they reach the high school:

LHS ELA Growth Data up to 2015

LHS Math Growth Data up to 2015

In an effort to meet this growth need and the needs of our 150 or so students who fail multiple classes each term, several new initiatives have taken shape.  In addition to our Alternative Education Program, we now have an Academic Learning Center to support our struggling students during the school day:

LHS/CTEi Academic Learning Center Schedule 2016-17

Further, the incoming freshmen team teachers now share 2 common planning periods to more easily respond to student needs and meet with one another, our students and their families during the school day:

LHS/CTEi 9th Grade Teams with Blocks

 Also, each student now has a guidance counselor plus a teacher-mentor in homerooms of 15 students or less for a more personalized learning environment in our school:

LHS/CTEi Student Homerooms

Let's have a great year and remember.....We are.....BIG BLUE!!!!

Friday, June 10, 2016

LOT Blue Devils Spring Blog #2

Dear LHS/CTEi Learning Community,
    There has been so much going on at LHS/CTEi in the last month or two.  As we geared up for graduation, here are just some of the best events so far:

Check out this video of one of our CTEi student projects:  6 Simple Machines in One:


The new School Store gets a door!


Mr. Barnaby's students will the essay contest!


Another table, ready for delivery from the CTEi carpentry shop:

Our latest singing group:  Devils Re-Choired along with the LHS Chorus during a recent competition:

Some of the latest members to join the National Honor Society:

Robotics on site and ready to compete!

Skills USA at the CTEi Awards Ceremony

Mr. Tenney and his students conquer Mt. Wachusett!

A new tradition begins:  Senior Tribute at Francis Drake (an all our elementary schools) after our first graduation practice!

Graduation 2016!

Saturday, April 23, 2016

LOT Blue Devils Spring Blog

Dear LHS/CTEi Learning Community,
    It's difficult to capture all the wonderful things that have happened at LHS in the last month or two.  In short, it would be surprising to learn that there was not something for everyone.  Working backwards, here are just some of our best moments:
In the last two hours before April break, our Life Skills Talent Show simply represented the very best of what education has to offer young people.  It made the front page of the Sentinel & Enterprise on Saturday, 4/16: Photos of LHS/CTEi Life Skills Talent Show
The students in our Graphics Shop prepared for the upcoming Leominster Education Foundation Fun Run:
LHS had it's biggest Wellness Fair Ever!
The LHS Chorus put on a GREAT show: LHS Chorus Spring 2016
and had a SWEEEEET fundraiser:
Cohen set us up with some new bike racks on his way to becoming an Eagle Scout:
Principals from across the district visited LHS and CTEi with great observations of teaching and learning with suggestions for getting even better!
Our English Learner Team visited Shea High School and learned more about EL programs in high schools:
Here are our medalists in Skills USA:
LET'S TALK is now up and running for anyone who with a question who visits our web site:
Be sure to check out our LHS/CTEi Master Calendar on the School's web site for more activities in the coming weeks: LHS/CTEi Master Calendar
Here are some highlights of End of Year events: LHS/CTEi End of Year Events
Enjoy the rest of the busy school year!