Wednesday, November 25, 2015

LOT Blue Devils 11/25/15

Dear LHS/CTEi Learning Community,
     We have a lot to be thankful for and celebrate together at our school this season as we live by our Core Values at both LHS and CTEi:


CTEi's Ranked Core Values:
1)      Safety
2)      Student Achievement
3)      Mutual Respect
4)      Teamwork

First, check out this video of Mr. LHS: Mr. LHS 2015.  Congratulations to Brian!

Second, the G.I.V.E. program continues its good work donating food to the needy:

Third, Worcester County District Attorney Joe Early paid us a surprise visit with a reminder about how to stop bullying in our school.

Fourth, our Courtyard has been transformed thanks to Joe Firmani and his Team:

LHS Courtyard Transformation Video

Fifth, our students are again making ornaments for the Festival of Trees:

Finally, Thanksgiving week has brought to life many on-going traditions and celebrations again including Breakfast of the Bands, Decorating the Halls for Parent Conferences, Senior Breakfast, Senior Picture, the Rally....and much more.  Check out some of the pictures from these events below:

Have a great Thanksgiving everyone!

Monday, November 16, 2015

LOT Blue Devils 11/16/15

Dear LHS/CTEi Learning Community,

       Our students and teachers continue to amaze us!  Have you every read, "Outliers" by Malcolm Gladwell?   "Outliers" may get you thinking very differently about the underlying causes for success in life.  Check out what the students in Ms. Bassett's class did for their video project on this extraordinary book:

Channel 33 News Report on "Outliers"

ET News Episode

     Our Cheerleaders continue their winning streak at Nashoba last week and at Home this past Sunday--Go Big Blue!

The Senior Class wins the Powder Puff Game--again!

We have a special assembly this week for all the students on Thursday:

Thursday, 11/19The District Attorney’s Office will be conducting two school assemblies today at the following times:

Eileen Kneeland (Speaker):
 Sophomores: 12:10 - 1:09p
Freshman: 1:14 - 2:15p

Ellen Miller (Speaker):
Seniors:  8:34 - 9:33a
Juniors:   9:38 - 10:37a

*****These assemblies are regarding bullying and harassment****

And finally, remember our special schedule for Parent Conferences next Monday and Tuesday:

November 23, 2015 –
Parent-Teacher Conference Schedule
Day 7 for Duty and P.E.
        A Block – 7:30-8:18 – Period 1
        B Block – 8:23-9:11 – Period 3
        C Block – 9:16-10:45 – Period 4
                 1st Brunch – 9:11-9:36
                 2nd Brunch – 9:36-9:59
                 3rd Brunch – 9:59-10:22
                 4th Brunch – 10:22-10:45
        Dismissal – 10:45

Conferences – 4:30pm-8:30pm

November 24, 2015 –
Parent-Teacher Conference Schedule
Day 1 for Duty and P.E.
          A Block – 7:30-8:28 – Period 2
                 (Approximately 7:45 – Seniors report to period 1. We’ll call them down to the Senior                               Breakfast in the café.)
                 (Approximately 8:30 – All Seniors will be called outside for the Class of 2015 Picture.)
          B Block – 8:33-9:30 – Period 5
                  (Approximately 9:30 – All remaining students called to Café or Wooden Gym for Spirit                             Rally.)
          Rally Dismissed Back to Period 5 at about 10:25
           Dismissal – 10:45

Conferences – 12:00-4:00pm

Have a great week!