Friday, September 18, 2015

LOTBlue Devils Blog 9/18/15

Dear LHS/CTEi Learning Community,
       It's been a busy week.  Open House was well attended on Tuesday evening and we thank the band again for a marvelous performance.  In case you missed the State of the School Address, please see below:

Some other items to discuss with your students:
  • Appleseed's Restaurant opened this week!
  • The cast for this year's fall play, "Brigadoon" has been announced!
  • All teachers have had initial training on the Aspen On-Line Grade book and Google!
  • All students now have Google accounts to use in all their classes as their teachers see fit!
Upcoming Events:
    9/28--School Council Meeting
    9/29--SHINE Assemblies as part of Mental Health Awareness Week

Remember to make a link to our Master Calendar or extract particular events of interest into your own personal calendar:  LHS/CTEi Master Calendar on School Web Site

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Have a great weekend!

Friday, September 4, 2015

LOTBlue Devils Blog 9/4/15

Dear LHS/CTEi Learning Community,
     We have had our first full week of school and, despite Wednesday's little disruption, the students and teachers seem to be settling into some regular rituals and routines.  In fact, please see below for some of the great things going on this week.  First, the CTEi Seniors in Carpentry paused for a moment in their work today for a quick photo shoot:

Next, Ashley B. graduated today!  Congratulations, Ashley!

Finally, I'd like to commend the staff for their initial efforts in implementing our latest training on Learning Targets.  Our thanks to Shari Duffy and Mr. Brideau for their teamwork in creating and printing these banners for our classrooms.

This work gives the students in every class, every day a place to look to guide their learning.

Mark your calendars for: 

Open House Tuesday, 9/15:
5:30--LHS Band
6:00--State of the School Address
6:30--Begin Visiting Classes

Have a great Labor Day weekend!
Chris Lord